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About Me, Amy Joy...

Welcome to AmyJoy Pottery.  I appreciate your support and interest in my work!


I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and have always had a passion for art. I would draw, paint, sculpt, and more as a child. When in high school, I focused on design. While in college at the University of Central Missouri, I was working on my undergraduate degree in graphic design, but quickly switched to art education. I found ceramics in college and immediately fell in love. I worked for five years on my undergraduate and received my Bachelor of Science in Education with an emphasis to teach design, painting, fiber arts, and last, but not least, ceramics. 


I came back to St. Louis and began my teaching career. I have been teaching all ages how to create with clay, how to draw, paint, dye fabrics, weave, sculpt, and design. Every school year is a new adventure in teaching and learning more about myself as a person, teacher, and artist. 


In 2011, I graduated with a Masters of Art from Fontbonne University with an emphasis in ceramics.  I challenged my throwing skills, learned more about the firing process, and started to find my style. 

In the summer of 2019, I went back to Fontbonne University to pursue my Masters of Fine Arts in ceramics to keep working on my skills and focus on surface designs. 

leaf tray.jpg

In my work, I like to incorporate bright colors, textures, carvings, and more. I like to use textures, decals, and small designs to set my work apart from others. I would doodle all the time while in school and constantly get in trouble because of it.  I finally feel that most of these doodles now have a place by being featured in my carved pieces. Others have connected with these pieces on different levels and I love that they enjoy a mug or plate where I used the doodles. 


I also enjoy making large, hand-carved platters to be featured at a family table.  I grew up with Sunday dinners, birthday festivities, and holiday gatherings that all involved family coming together around a table to share food with each other, celebrate each other, and love each other.  I wanted to create something that more families could gather around to spend time and enjoy a meal. 

I am inspired by my husband, Joe, my son, Maverick, and our four dogs, Reagan, Ramsey, Dexter, and Dixie. My dad, my brother, and their families are also very important to me, and love that we are able to spend so much time together.


I am open to creating custom work as well, so feel free to reach out!

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